Dialogues between Mother and Son

Translated by Alan Chow

Dialogue 1

Mom: Hey Son, I’m going to sell my new book at the fair this Friday. Would you be interested in giving me a testimonial in Mandarin?

Son: Nah, that’s ok, I don’t think my Mandarin is good enough for that.

Mom:  Good enough? Didn’t you grow up speaking mandarin at home?

Mom thought for a minute: I know! Instead of giving a testimonial, why don’t you talk about how your mother is such a great investor, she’s never been in the kitchen.

Son: But Mom, you have been in the kitchen, just not ours.

Mom was puzzled: What makes you say that?

Son: How else are you going to know the condition of a house before you buy it?”

Mom laughs.

Dialogue 2

Mom: Hey Son. Good news! The new Tenant’s rent deposit just came in. I can hear the money coming in, Cha-Ching!

Son: I think Dad also heard Cha-Ching, tough it’s coming from the bank where he’s paying the mortgage.

Mom: That’s funny.


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